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Art Deco Internet Propaganda

Let us again speculate about parallel realities, different histories and fictional timelines. Go deep into Dieselpunk and think what would have happened if the Second World War had never happened, Stalin would not have happened and the world would be in an eternal slightly dangerous version of the 1930’s. And …

Steampunk Visuals – Various Formats

I have to apologize to everybody who sends æthermails with recomendations for stuff I could / should feature here. I read them all, I have a rather large list but I seldom have the time these days to take a good look at i.e. the blogs and other ætherweb sites …

And today's featured article in the Wikipedia… (Part III)

Ah, how great it is to visit the Wikipedia in the morning and find the following featured article on the main page: Frederick III, German Emperor The little royalist Steampunk in me rejoyces!