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World War II

Hey Dieselpunks! Caption this!

I found this great shot while browsing through some pages containing photographs of the Bundesarchiv. I.e. the central register of photographic images (mostly historical) of the Federal Republic of Germany. Now I have a little challenge for you: Caption this!   But beware! “Obvious” captions are not permitted. If I …

And today in 1940

This came in via one of my favourite Twitter channels: A man in Detmold, Germany, has been fined for insulting his wife, saying she “lies like Churchill”. “The court agreed this went too far.” — RealTimeWWII (@RealTimeWWII) I could not stop laughing for a minute or two.

Operation Overlord – Both Sides of the Beach

June 6th 1944 – Operation Overlord I guess it would be futile of me, going into great detail about this momentous event. Most of my readers will be familiar with it and have also seen this iconic photograph before: Quite obviously  it is “Into the Jaws of Death” by Robert …

World War II Codebreaking Machine Restored

This news item lets the little Dieselpunk in me jump with joy: The National Museum of Computing has finished restoring a Tunny machine, an allied cypher breaker of World War II. The really infuriating thing about the matter: They basically had to rebuild the whole apparatus from scratch. Most machines …